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sound & Video Production

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CASE STUDY: JPS Africa 2015

The Bakery Ideas Company was approached by non-profit organisation, JHPIEGO SA, to evaluate their current market position and to develop a new corporate identity that will strengthen their professional brand and presence in Africa.


CREDIT: Motion Graphics, Editor.

BRIDGESTONE - DriveGuard Innovation​ 2015


Bridgestone DriveGuard is a tyre with leading edge Run Flat Technology [RFT]. The client required an informative video to promote this new technology.


CREDIT: Cinematographer, Motion Graphics, Off & Online Editor.


ADIDAS ORIGINALS - ZX Flux Launch 2014


On Tuesday, 1 April 2014, adidas Originals officially launched its latest offering of high-end sneakers: ZX Flux. The global launch was celebrated locally at a bespoke event at AREA3 in Johannesburg where select media, key influencers as well as die-hard sneaker heads alike were invited to be a part of the greatly-anticipated release. The client required an event video capturing the spirit of the launch.


CREDIT: CInematographer, Sound, Off & Online Editor.

HELLO AMBASSADOR 2014 - Event video


Whilst Uncle Paul was getting a dashing silver make-over, creatives collected at the Pretoria State Theatre on 17 & 18 October for the Hello Ambassador Creative Festival 2014. The client required full coverage of the festival. This video served as an overview of the entire 2-day event.


CREDIT: Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Sound designer and composer, Off & Online Editor.



Official Aftermovie for Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast, August 2013.


CREDIT: Cinematographer, Off & Online Editor.

5GUM EXPERIENCE 2013 - The Kooks


This secret invite only event formed part of a 5Gum experiential campaign and featured the internationela act, The Kooks. The video was done for Watkykjy as part of their blogging content.


CREDIT: Cinematographer, Sound, Off & Online Editor.

RAMFEST - Johannesburg 2013​


A quick recap of the RAMfest music festival, March 2013 in Johannesburg with international acts Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon as well as the best that South African music has to offer.


CREDIT: Cinematographer, Sound, Off & Online Editor.



Synergy Live featuring Prodigy. This video was done for Watkykjy as part of their blogging content.


CREDIT: Cinematographer, Sound, Off & Online Editor.


HELLO AMBASSADOR  - Theme Launch Video - 2015


Hello Ambassador Creative Festival required a short concept video to launch their theme for 2015. The video had to adhere to their overall look and feel. To see more, visit


CREDIT: Concept, Cinematography, Off & Online Editing & Design. 

HELLO AMBASSADOR - Being a Citizen - Part 1


To further communicate the 2015 theme, Citizen, and to promote the festival, the client required an interactive video showcasing the public opinion of South Africa's hottest young creatives and influencers.


CREDIT: Concept, Cinematography, Sound, Off & Online Editing.



Watkykjy gooied a fat party at Arcade Empire with Man As Machine, CrashCarBurn and Shadowclub - some of the best bands on the South African rock music circuit. The brief required a small highlights package of the evening, keeping with the theme of the venue, Arcade Empire. 


CREDIT: Concept, Cinematography, Sound, Off & Online Editing and Design. 






CREDIT: Cinematographer/Second Camera/Director, Motion Graphics, Off & Online Editor, Sound Designer/Composer.

ADDITIONAL CREDIT: Additional Cinematography by Dirk Chalmers / Valente Bosch / Jacques Swart.

CORPORATE VIDEOS & Motion Graphics



2014 / 2015 Showreel for The Bakery Ideas Company.


CREDIT: Cinematographer/Second Camera, Off & Online Editor.

BLUE RIBBON - My Mom Is So Cool - 2015 (BTS)


The client required a Behind-the-scenes video to capture the energy and concept of the shoot for their television ad, My Mom Is So Cool.


CREDIT: Second Camera, Sound, Off & Online Editor.



Join Caribbean born fashion model Mala Bryan (ICE Models) for a stroll along the beaches of Praslin Island.


CREDIT: Second Camera, Off & Online Editor.



A television ad aired on DSTV to promote the Bridgestone Route 66 Mountain Bike Experience.


CREDIT: Second Camera, Assitant Editor.

NEGE MAANDE - 2013 Season 1


Nege Maande (Nine  Months) was a 12- episode series broadcast on KykNet that documented nine pregnancies over the same period of time. The series also commented on the different lifestyles and approaches towards pregnacy of Afrikaans speaking South Africans. 


CREDIT: Post-Production Coordinator & Trailer Editor.

BRIDGESTONE SA - 2014 Highlights


A recap of Bridgestone projects during 2014.


CREDIT: Assitant Camera, Off & Online Editor.



HELLO AMBASSADOR 2014 - Dirk Hanekom

This track was produced for the Hello Ambassador 2014 After Movie


CREDIT: Composing, Recording, Mixing

SIGNET - Dirk Hanekom

FNB required a backtrack for an in-store video promoting a new concept / service to be launched early 2016.


CREDIT: Composing, Recording, Mixing

HELLO AMBASSADOR 2013 - Dirk Hanekom

This track was produced for the Hello Ambassador 2013 Promo video


CREDIT: Composing, Recording, Mixing




Dirk Hanekom was born and raised in Bloemfontein, but decided early on to move to a place that sucks less.


After a few years in the retail and publishing industry as well as a short stint in musical theater, he embarked on a career in creative production and hasn't looked back since.


He started as a videographer and editor for, the biggest Afrikaans blog in South Africa, where he was awarded 2 Loeries and a Pendoring award for his work on the "Wie's Bang" campaign done for Van Coke Kartel.


Since then he has done a large amount of freelance work specializing in cinematography, off- and online editing, sound design, directing, motion graphics and writing. He has also worked in industry positions ranging from post production coordinator on a local reality show, to mid and senior audio visual positions at various agencies. Previous clients include Adidas, Bacardi, First National Bank, Hilltop Live, Bridgestone, KykNet, and Premier Foods among others.


Dirk has a passion for online content creation and is pedantic about his work in a way that makes clients really happy.


He currently embraces a cosmopolitan life where he has a beautiful view of the city and an even more beautiful wife.


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Dirk Hanekom          


+27 76 513 1916




For any inquiries, rates or just to chat, feel free to give me a call, send me an email or a message below.          


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